[Unreal Engine 4] A. H. R. T. S. (Assisted Hand Reeducation Training Software)

Team : Benoit Coulais, Thierry Destribats, Jean-Vincent Lamberti

Technologies : C++, Unreal Engine 4, Leap Motion

Project Length : About 4 months (ongoing)

Description :

This project is made to help the reeducation of patients recovering from hand operations and other RSI treatments.

Based on a medically approved method consisting in the reproduction of specific hand signs for a precise amount of time, AHRTS is made to ease the patient recovery process and make it more fun.

It uses the Leap Motion which enables precise and contact-free input. The patients have to match the hand sign displayed on screen and hold this position for a specific amount of seconds, when they match the sign which a sufficient accuracy they are rewarded by on screen stimuli.

The program allows to create hand signs and save them, this enables doctors to create signs for their patients and even to send them via email.

In the end, our goal is to allow an effective and as painless as possible reeducation experience at home. The patient is still followed by a doctor which can give him the signs he has to reproduce and can even create custom training sessions.

Evolutions :

This video showcases our currently working prototype (powered by the Unreal Engine 4) of which the visual style is still to be chosen as well as the visual reward for successful executions of the signs. We are currently working on improving the readability of the signs.

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