Laval Virtual 2015

Last week I went to Laval Virtual with my teammate of CryoCrystal in order to present our game, Lines of Lumen. It truly was a great experience. From casual to professional, people seemed to really enjoy playing our game. This event offered me […]

Unreal Engine 4 projects

As Epic has announced their decision to make the Unreal Engine 4 free, I think it’s time to present two projects I’m currently working on: A. H. R. T. S. : A serious game for hand reeducation, using the Leap […]

Blendroid project added

New project page today! Blendroid is a project I worked on last year. It is an application which mixes Android and Blender in order to made an intuitive way of using 3D modeling software. I am particularly proud of this project […]

CubeWays project added

I added a page for my third year’s annual project : CubeWays. This game was made with Unity 3D and written in C#. It is a first person platformer with some puzzle elements, inspired by game such as Portal and AntiChamber. […]

Projects page added

Since the purpose of this website is to showcase my projects, I added a page where they are all listed. Some projects were made as part of my school courses, others during my free time. Here are some technologies used […]