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This page showcases the different projects I’ve worked  on over the course of my studies, but also on my free time in order to discover new technologies.

For now, projects are simply listed with a really short description, but later, some will have dedicated pages for a more in-depth look.

Unity 3D :

  • CubeWays, my third year’s annual project.
  • FairyTale, awarded project for the Virtual Fantasy 2014 game jam, its a virtual reality game using Occulus Rift and the Leap Motion.

Unreal Engine 4 :

  • A. H. R. T. S., a serious game made for my last year as a student. This game as for purpose to help people to do Hand Reeducation.
  • Lines of Lumen – Best interactivity Virtual Fantasy 2015, an 1 vs 1 game fully thought for VR. It uses the Oculus Rift to immerge the player in a virtual arena.

OpenGL :

  • 3D Labyrinth, its a project realized right after my two years technical degree in computer science to discovering OpenGL, made with GLUT and an old version of OpenGL.
  • 2D particules generator, project made over the course of my fourth year, it is a small software generating fireworks  on mouse clicks.  It used my teacher’s own version of OpenGL which was close to OpenGL ES 2.0.

Blender :

  • Blendroid, fourth year’s annual project at ESGI. It’s a cross-platform project allowing users to control Blender from an Android smartphone. This project has been selected for the Blender Conference 2014 at Amsterdam.
  • Tower Generator, its a project made during my third year, it is a  plugin for Blender written in Python allowing user to create castle towers in 3D. Several parameters allows to customize the tower generated by Blender.
  • Leap-tris, this project consists in the recreation of Tetris using the Blender Game Engine and the Leap Motion.

OpenCV :

  • MCQ corrector, its a project I made for my fourth year. It analyses MCQ student copies, grades them and logs in a which answers have been selected.

Arduino : 

  • Binary clock using LEDs for display.

Raspberry Pi :

  • Android application linked to a server hosted on a Raspberry Pi in order to light LEDs.

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