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Blendroid is a project that allows its user to benefit of his smartphone ergonomy to facilitate the use of Blender.

I worked on this project over the course of my fourth year. It came from a desire to find an innovative way of making 3D and using Blender. Our goal was to facilitate routine tasks and create new features based primarily on the tools provided by smartphones.

The project is composed of two parts.

  • An Android application, which contains the GUI for the functionality. It sends to Blender what the user wants to do.
  • A Blender plugin, which communicates with the Android app in order to execute the actions sent by the app.

The application was develop in Java and the Blender plugin with Python.

Our project was selected to be presented at the Blender Conference 2014 at Amsterdam. We had the opportunities with my colleagues, Thierry Destribats and Pascal Reminy, to present our projects in front of the Blender community. It was quite stressful, but  still, a great experience in the end.

Here is the record of our presentation :

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